xampe is online software that helps create the time to grow and manage your business

xampe includes :

  • tools for sharing information, files and folders across your business
  • a best-practice active customer relationship management (aCRM) solution
  • business process management tools to manage workflow

xampe's software has been designed to make your admin, planning and management so much easier - so you can get on with earning money, working with clients and growing your business.

Some Key Facts about xampe:

benefits of using xampe

you can get benefits from xampe, whatever kind of business you run or work in

xampe includes a stack of best practice thinking "out of the box"

you'll benefit from a cost effective “Pay as You Go” pricing model; plus the First Month is FREE!

multi-layered support is provided, with a dedicated partner and supportive community

data security on xampe

your data is secure

you can start simple and develop at your own pace

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